27.10 at 7 PM Tartu, Heino Eller Music College, Eduard Tubin Hall

an absence of any kind of silence

Duo Taavi Orro (clarinet) and Robert Fleitz (piano) 

Mirjam Tally (*1976) 
“Warm Life at the Foot of the Iceberg” (2014/2016) for clarinet and piano (6’)
Minna Leinonen (*1977) 
“Pheme” (2011) for clarinet in Bb and fixed media (7’)
Ernests Vilsons (*1994) 
“an absence of any kind of presence” (2018) for solo piano (6’)
Agita Reķe (*1992) 
“Black Orchid” (2023, premiere) for electronics, bass clarinet and piano (8’)
Liisa Hõbepappel (*1994) 
“ANLAGE I: Whalesong” (2023, premiere) for solo clarinet (6’)
Jānis Petraškevičs (*1978) 
“Klusā Balss” (“The Silent Voice”, 2023) for solo piano (7’)
Platon Buravicky (*1989) 
Sonata “Plexus” (2020) for clarinet and piano (15’)

an absence of any kind of silence

“The universe makes a sound is a sound. In the core of this sound there’s a silence, a silence that creates that sound, which is not its opposite, but its inseparable soul. And this silence can also be heard.” 

—Etel Adnan

Within silence is not absence, but rather a potentiality — to listen closely, to perceive differently. The listener is invited to pay close attention to space — between sounds, between fundamental and overtones, between two performers, between reality and imagination, between beginning and ending. What silent voices are singing, unheard in the white noise of daily life? Duo Orro-Fleitz offers a warm place of reflection at the foot of the overwhelming sound of history.

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27.10 at 9 PM Tartu, Aparaaditehas, Klubi Gutenberg / Club Gutenberg

Figments of Limits

Master degree students of audiovisual composition of the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre: Karl Korts, Artjom Jurov, Adla Cameselle Barbosa and Lucija Mrzljak.

Curator Einike Leppik.

The keywords of the concert project are remix and collective creation. The students involved in the project will probe and push the boundaries between their own and others’ work, creating new connections, breaking up existing ones and weaving opposing ideas into a whole. The concert will feature both new works and remixes of works previously created by EAMT’s audiovisual composition course.

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28.10 13.00 Tartu, Heino Elleri Music College, Eduard Tubin Hall


A conversation with the composer Helena Tulve and Jaan-Eik Tulve and a joint viewing of the recording of the premiere of the Helena Tulve’s composition “Visiones”.

On September 21, 2022, the world premiere of Helena Tulve’s new work “Visiones” took place at the Venice Biennale in St. Mark’s Church. The piece was commissioned by the Venice Music Biennale for St. Mark’s Cathedral. The 50-minute piece is based on two Christian sources: a liturgical drama manuscript found in the library of Santa Maria della Fava and fragments of the Gospel of Mary contained in the Berlin Codex (Papyrus Berolinensis). The music was performed by the vocal ensemble Vox Clamantis (conductor Jaan-Eik Tulve), the St. Mark’s Church ensemble Cappella Marciana (conductor Marco Gemmani), the baroque ensemble of the Venice Conservatory named after Benedetto Marcello, Anna-Liisa Eller (Estonian kannel) and Marco Ambrosini and Angela Ambrosini (nyckelharpa). The performance was directed by Marius Peterson.

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29.10 at 4 PM Tartu, City Museum Hall (Linnamuuseumi saal)


Duo Sarah Saviet (violin) and Joe Houston (piano)

Helena Tulve (*1972) 
“Awe” (2023, premiere)
Monika Mattiesen 
“In Nest” (2023, premiere), with Sander Saarmets – sound design, Max patch
Sarah Saviet and Joseph Houston 
“Unfoldings” (2021)
Rebecca Saunders (*1967) and Enno Poppe (*1969)
“Taste” (2022)

“Unfolding” in this ambitious program the Saviet/Houston Duo explores different timbral universes that embrace and also direct away from the traditional interplay between violin and piano. In their jointly composed piece “Unfoldings”, the duo travels through a series of interlocking and slowly undulating chords, weaving together sustained resonances. Rebecca Saunders and Enno Poppe’s wildly virtuosic duo “Taste” has melody as a unifying thread: in the first half of the piece, the violin melody is “coloured in” by piano glissandi and clusters, which, combined with the sostenuto pedal, create ghost-like resonances, from which the violin melody emerges. In the second half of the piece, these complex piano resonances take centre stage and half-heard melodies emerge from the resonance, which are then augmented by wistful and fragmented violin lines. Monika Mattiesen and Helena Tulve have both written new pieces for the duo which receive their premieres in this program.

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01.11 at 7 PM Tartu Ülikooli aula / Tartu University Hall

The Borders of Identity

Spółdzielnia Muzyczna contemporary ensemble (Poland) 

Helena Tulve (*1972)
“Rimlands” (2012) for clarinet, cello, piano (20’) 
I secret garden – blanc
II secret garden – noir 
III pathless land
Ville Raasakka (*1977)
“Vanishing Point” (2013) for piano solo (5’)
Dobromiła Jaskot (*1981)
“Hagalaz” (2004) for clarinet, cello, piano (12’)
Maxim Kolomiiets (*1981)
“Shadow Speaker” for solo cello 
Georges Aperghis (*1945)
Trio for clarinet, cello and piano (10’)

The borders of identity. The program we have chosen raises questions about the connections between geographical boundaries and the cultural identity of composers. What qualities can we find in the music of a Greek settled in France, a Pole living in Australia, or a Croatian who has been working in Germany for years? Do we distinguish the distinctiveness of music from the Baltic countries? In a global culture, in a reality where thoughts and ideas flow freely and expressively, do such questions have any significance? We will propose diverse music, both in terms of sound and meaning, and perhaps (hopefully!) exceed and expand the boundaries of the listener’s perception.

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