Estonian-based contemporary music festival AFEKT presents a two-part concert in Berlin’s Emmaus-Kirche. Titled BORDER STATE – a phrase with an exceptionally strong field of meaning at the current moment, involves multiple connotations: border state as a geographical term, but also referring to complex musical ideas carried to the extreme border areas of contemporary music, such as those exploring microtonality and rational intonation/extended just intonation.
Despite the uniqueness by being positioned at the border areas, this music searches for a dialogue, focusing on the common denominators of these separate but distinct aesthetical voices. Is a cross-border dialogue possible?
In between the two halves of the concert, the composers and musicians will briefly discuss the music and give their thoughts on the works performed.
The concert features works by Catherine Lamb, Jānis Petraškevičs, Helena Tulve, Thomas Nicholson, Monika Mattiesen, Ülo Krigul, Elis Hallik and Liisa Hirsch.
Performed by HARMONIC SPACE ORCHESTRA, duo Sarah Saviet (violin) and Joe Houston (piano), duo Monika Mattiesen (flute) and Michael Wendeberg (piano), Sirje Aleksandra Viise (soprano) and Sander Saarmets (electronics assistant).