01.11 at 7 PM University of Tartu Narva College

a.e.g. / t.i.m.e.


Monika Mattiesen (flutes, synthesizer Soma-Pipe)
Ülo Krigul (prepared piano), Sander Saarmets (sound design, live-electronics, video)

Kaija Saariaho 
“NoaNoa” (1992) for flute and live-electronics
Ülo Krigul 
“streeeech” (2021) for bass flute, prepared piano and tape
Sander Saarmets 
“Mosaic” (2023, premiere) for flute and live-electronics
Monika Mattiesen 
“Nest/Pesa” (2022) for bass flute, synthesizer Soma-Pipe and live-electronics
Mart Siimer 
“Pöörlev gloobus” (1998) for flute and tape
Jüri Reinvere 
“a.e.g.” / “t.i.m.e” (2005) for flute, video and live-electronics

Cyberstudio’s ”a.e.g.” (”t.i.m.e.”) programme centers around the concept of time. Sander Saarmets’s new piece ”Mosaic” presents the fragmented and disjointed nature of time, while Ülo Krigul’s ”streeeeeeech” explores the possibility of sound multiplying through temporal stretching. The late contemporary music luminary Kaija Saariaho’s ascent to the status of a classic over time. Monika Mattiesen’s ”Nest” draws on the cosmic concept of time in Hasso Krull’s essay “Jumalanna pesa” (”The Goddess’s Nest”). In Mart Siimer’s “Pöörlev gloobus” (”Revolving Globe”), purposeful movement in time alternates with free floating. The centerpiece of this concert is Jüri Reinvere’s multimedia work ”a.e.g.” (”t.i.m.e.”), which is a metaphorical, structural and visual play with the notion of time.

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01.11 at 8 PM University of Tartu Narva College


Sander Saarmets (modular synthesizers)

In program Sander Saarmets and free improvisations

Sander Saarmets creates evolving soundscapes, where simple timbres and frozen moments in time can become melodies and intertwine into complex rhythmic structures. In the world of modular synthesizers, all musical processes are shaped by the control of electric currents – the conscious routing of signals. In addition to the modular synthesizers, there are also living plants on stage that contribute to the musical events through sensors. Sometimes cold and distant, sometimes warm and intimate, Saarmets likes to observe the fragility and unpredictability of analogue sounds.

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